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Zlatozar Zhelyazkov
  Name: Zlatozar Zhelyazkov
  Birth Date: 05 May 1973
  Address: Sofia, Drujba 2
  Family Status:  Married


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1991 – 1996
           Technical University of Sofia
           Specialty: Computer Science - MASTER degree

Thesis in Cryptographic Algorithms


10/2012 - present
           Cisco, Bulgaria (

Position: Software Engineer IV at Architecture Team

Project: Cisco WebEx Social

Cisco WebEx Social (formerly Cisco Quad) is an enterprise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking, content creation, and real-time communications. Employees can quickly connect with the people and resources they need to get work done. WebEx Social helps break down organizational silos with easier collaboration across departments and geographies.

           Teach Cisco internal Python classes
           Initiate new development processes (TDD, code static analyses, code metrics and style)
           Lead in Continues Integration process
           Write Integration Testing Framework in Java (HyperSQL, MongoDB in memory, Maven pre/post test phases)
           Speed up compiling and deployment process (partial compilation)
           Implement Python framework to test REST API (details)
           Application critical parts reviewer (multi-threading)
           Code owner of Python code
           Choose suitable frameworks and technologies
           New features architecture reviewer
           Integrate Spring Data in next version of the project
           Train new employees

04/2010 – 10/2011
           Cisco, Bulgaria (

Position: Software Engineer III

Project: Cisco Web Mail
Microsoft Exchange server on Linux

           Port product to GWT 2
           Move product to new project structure
           Lead in GIT integration
           Write Integration Testing framework
           Improve product reliability (communication layer)
           Regular presenter in "Lunch and Learn" series

09/2008 – 03/2010
           Xentio, Bulgaria (

Position: Senior Java Developer
           Application architecture decisions
           Choose suitable frameworks and technologies
           Write application critical parts
           Code reviewer

Project: MAPS for ASML company (
MAPS is a tool that aids in defining and maintaining machine, test and factory constants.

05/2005 – 08/2008
           Industria, Bulgaria (

Position: Senior Java Developer
           Perforce and Subversion support
           Linux servers maintainer
           Java code review
           Writing Java server side
           Writing UI (pure JavaScript part)

Project: IMS Universal
Industria IMS Universal is based on TM Forum's NGOSS architecture and an open standards compliant workflow-processing engine. The system's business process-driven foundation provides telecom operators and service providers with a unified view of their converged network delivery channels, independent of the underpinning technologies.

Project: Zignal IPTV
Zignal suite of IPTV software solutions and devices is specifically designed for use by broadband network operators, multi-play service providers, hoteliers and other large-scale operators.

10/2001 – 05/2005
           IFAO Group, Bulgaria (

Position: Java Developer
           CVS support
           Versions building
           Product installation on servers
           Writing JSP and XSL files for presentation layer
           Business logic implementation
           Writing Booking Business logic
           Captain of the football team!

Project: Cytric (
cytric provides an instant overview of the locations of all a company's travelers. Its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) principle. Other highlights include optimised hotel search, integration of new airline programs and the import of offline bookings into cytric Enterprise Reporting.

03/2001 – 09/2001
           ProSyst, Sofia

Position: Junior Java Developer

Project: ProSyst Application Server

06/1998 – 03/2001
           BG Contact (

Position: Head of Toshiba Technical Service (Office Plovdiv)
           Service Parts Logistics
           Customer support
           Toshiba products maintenance

           Languages:   Java, Lisp, Python, Bash Shell, JavaScript(basic), C++
           Languages that I would like to know better:   OCaml, Prolog
           Systems:   Windows, Linux (Debian and CentOS), FreeBSD, Emacs

           Programming:   Java-Non GUI (Master), XML, C, OO Design Patters.
           Network Administration:   Basic Linux Administrations.
           Other: Written English

           Destination FreeBSD
           About Programming in my blog
           My public code repository

           PyTak Project (founder)
           Pecan Emacs (founder)
           Study PAIP (founder)

           Amazon profile
           Amazon Listmania

           English, Russian (basic)

           Football, Swimming, Boxing, Reading, Writing, Teaching, Watching Movies, Beekeeping

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